Omni-Channel Shopper Strategies

So, the consumer is changing, retail is changing, media is changing.  Got it.  But what does this mean for your organization’s strategic agenda?  What new strategies will drive competitive advantage?  How should you evolve current strategies to reflect the new consumer experience? 


4x400 Consulting can help you build strategies that accelerate performance.  Services include consumer insights, customer journey mapping, issue framing and problem solving, strategy development and refinement, and business case formulation.


The New Retail Organization

Retailers have been talking about the new consumer shopping experience for some time. For many, understanding what the customer wants isn’t as elusive as figuring out how, as an organization, to deliver on customer expectations. Traditional roles, expectations, processes and tools need to adapt, in some cases quite dramatically. 


4x400 Consulting can help you transform your business model to operate effectively in this new era of retail.  Services include future-state capability definition (people, process, technology), organizational alignment, and business model transformation planning.


Customer-Driven Retail

Customer Relevancy – the holy grail of retail.  Today, customer relevancy is being redefined to not just knowing your customer, but responding to your customer.   Excelling in Customer-Driven Retail requires advanced data and analytics, technology-enabled marketing, and in many cases, new roles and accountabilities.


4x400 Consulting can help you develop the capabilities that enable Customer-Driven Retail.  Services include customer data and analytics strategy, customer-triggered marketing strategy, and organizational alignment.