ABOUT 4x400 Consulting


I have spent over 20 years in the retail industry, both as a consultant and a practitioner.  


Through these experiences, I developed three fundamental values and skills:


Move with speed.  Identify pockets of real value and create quick wins that make an immediate difference.


Connect the dots.  Understand how the organization works and create long-term solutions that interlock strategy, process, people and technology.


Be pragmatic. Understand the big and little things in retail that accelerate or derail progress.


Today, with a first-hand view on how profoundly retail is changing, I am harnessing my consulting and retail practitioner experience to help retailers quickly and meaningfully advance their business performance.


I spent 12 years in Accenture’s retail practice, focused on “value-creation” projects, first delivering near-term results, then building a model for sustained performance.   At Accenture, I honed core consulting skills, including transformation planning, issue framing, strategy development, business case development, program management, and business model development.


I then joined Target Corporation, where I was a Senior Buyer, Consumer Insights Lead, and Marketing Business Intelligence Director.   At Target, I developed a pragmatism that can only come from a “that’s my name on the P&L” sense of accountability and led teams on the leading edge of consumer-driven retail.